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Our Services include in home training – medication reviews and counselling, nutrition and supplementation expertise, compliance services and high level customer service delivery. NKS Health focuses on several core areas: biologic medications, therapeutic use of botulinum toxin, pain management, bone density, migraine, multiple sclerosis, HIV and hepatitis.

NKS Health Customer Service
NKS Health offers the highest level of customer service – our dedicated team of customer service personnel ensure accurate and timely delivery of medications to hospitals, clinics and patients throughout Toronto (GTA), Hamilton, Ottawa and London Areas as well as the Niagara area.


NKS Health Point of Care Testing
NKS Health offers new levels of support for physicians and patients with “point of care” active drug level testing, as well as inflammation marker testing to help physicians monitor a patient’s response to their medications. Our staff of knowledgeable Medical Laboratory Technicians are here to help provide the highest level of support for our patients our hospitals and especially our physician group.


-Our pharmacist provides in home training to patients on their biologic medication as well as psoriasis trigger counselling
-Each patient receives a wallet card that lists their medications including their biologic and states that “live vaccines need to be avoided”
-Letter sent to the patients family MD to let them know that they are taking a Biologic and that live vaccines need to be avoided
-We enrol each patient with the appropriate support program (Enliven, Progress, Spectrum)
-The program still provides reimbursement assistance as well as injection training

Patient Support
-Biologic screening questionnaire
-Request bridging and co-pay assistance for all patients
-Help patients with Trillium application to establish coverage
-HAQ BASFI - BASDAI Score completion
-Convenient and reliable delivery of medications
-Sharps Bin delivery and exchange
-Direct line to a qualified Pharmacist for any questions regarding medications
-Ongoing resource to patients Flu shot guidelines with Biologics
-Nutrition counseling for patients
-DLQI assessment
-Monthly seminars and workshops held in conjunction with the Arthritis Society
-Patient Wallet Card: Patients are provided with a special card and plastic card holder that is labelled with the reminder: “This patient is on a biologic medication, new infections should be monitored carefully and biologic therapy withheld until the infection resolves. Live vaccines should be avoided. Check with your physician”

Physician Support
-NKS “one number” service
-Tailored prescription forms
-Patient support forms
-Compliance reports
-Pharmaceutical company and their support service (nursing and compassionate programs)
-Insurance / third party coverage / government plans
-Tailored prescription forms & easy ordering forms

Potential Benefits to offer Biologic Physicians:
-Patient training (evidence based) on biologic benefits, expectations and adverse effects review with recommendations
-New patients provided with wallet card of medication list
-Checklist for new starts based on “Andy Thompson” recommendations
-Assistance with drug coverage and follow-up on compliance, drug plan coverage changes
-Arthritis society 8 week life skills course offered at ½ price $25.
-Information forums / talks for patients on diverse disease state topics