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HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that slowly weakens your body’s defences against infections and diseases. HIV weakens your immune system. If HIV is untreated over a long time your body cannot fight off serious or fatal illnesses. There is no cure for HIV but current treatments can help you stay healthy.

Drug therapy for HIV is known as antiretroviral therapy. There are numerous drugs for HIV. These drugs are taken in combination and work to suppress HIV. Taking HIV drugs will suppress the virus and allow your body to fight infections and diseases. With good suppression of HIV most people with HIV should live a normal lifespan.

Antiretrovirals are not the only way to stay healthy. You must also look after your general health through a good diet, exercise and sleep routine.

Drug treatment of any kind may cause side effects which can be minor or serious. Most people find they can deal with the challenges of HIV treatment with helpful advice from their doctor or our HIV pharmacist.

It is very important that you take your medications on a regular consistent schedule. Regular drug schedules put pressure on HIV so that the virus cannot replicate successfully. Talk with your doctor or our pharmacist about the best ways to incorporate a regular drug schedule in to your life.

A comprehensive guide to HIV treatment is available at www.catie.ca.

We welcome your questions to our HIV specialist pharmacist Alice Tseng at HIV-Hepatitis@nkshealth.ca

Dr. Alice Tseng, PharmD
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You can send questions or requests to NKS Health directly at hiv-hepatitis@nkshealth.ca

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